Values and Vision Statement

Purpose of Seventh Generation Indigenous Foundation and Training (GIFT)

Our operational foundation is based on the 7th generation philosophy. As each generation experiences healing, the 7th generation becomes the strongest and restores people to their condition prior to colonial contact, physically strong, mentally healthy, and spiritually intact. Colonization will be a thing of the past at this point.


The goal of the foundation is to be of service to Indigenous peoples. In particular, because Indigenous peoples have been traumatized for generations. The model applied is a compassionate inquiry approach. Our primary goal is to build capacity in communities which will empower the community by providing the tools necessary to address and recognize the intergenerational trauma. Furthermore, it is to build within this system a process of checks and balances to prevent lateral violence from taking hold because we understand until there is and understanding of trauma it will occur because that’s what happens to a person that has experienced trauma. It is important to identify the source of the trauma, accepted and address it.

Achieve the following:
  • Health: Eliminate dependency on substances like alcohol and drugs within three generations
  • Education: Provide affordable online courses to Indigenous peoples across Canada
  • Financial: Provide scholarships for Indigenous peoples who can’t afford tuition
  • Mentorship: To Indigenous Nations across Canada
  • Training and Capacity Building: For Chiefs, Councillors and Students and substance abuse counsellors
  • Compassionate Inquiry: To address trauma
  • Indigenous identity: Online training based on traditional knowledge and ways of being
  • Education Standards: Complete accreditation of all courses
  • deal with gang matters in all communities
  • devise plan for incarcerated people immediately


To restore Indigenous culture and spirituality which will shatter the impacts of colonialism, and;

eliminate substance abuse by Indigenous peoples through the renewal of traditional Indigenous knowledge, customs, and languages.

We will become the leading experts in compassionate inquiry trauma training (CITT) internationally. And have the next 30 years to be the greatest in the proud history of Indigenous peoples where we are thriving not just surviving through growth and education.



  • Incorporated August 2021 as a non-profit federally incorporated corporation
  • Appointed Board Members November 2022
  • First strategic planning meeting held January 20th, 2023, with Facilitator Robert Breaker of Siksika Nation. Directors were left with homework to complete this strategic document.
  • Next strategic workshop to be held February 24th,2023


  1. Zero tolerance on lateral violence.
  2. Honesty.
  3. Integrity.
  4. Accountability.
  5. Commitment.
  6. Everyone is part of the decision-making process.
  7. Respect for self and for others.
  8. Respect the natural laws which regulate the cycle of the seasons, the rhythms of the earth and the ways of natural law.
  9. Acknowledge our collective right to use the land and its resources to ensure cultural survival as a people.
  10. The survival of the whole group family and community is more important than individual wealth or status.
  11. Individual rights and freedoms are respected and encouraged within the collective identity.
  12. Live in harmony with nature.
  13. Respect and care for each other.
  14. Honour and provide for our elders, who cared for us and passed on the gifts of 7 generations.
  15. Honour and provide for our children who will pass on the cultural ways to 7 generations yet to come.
  16. Respect and honour the contribution which both men and women make in working for the survival of the people.
  17. Respect and honour our leaders and medicine men and women who share their special skills, experience, wisdom, and powers for the benefit of their people. We don’t expect them to work for us and serve us, but we look to them for guidance and instruction to help us govern ourselves in a good way.
  18. Respect the right of Indigenous family groups in communities or in regions to make decisions without interference from outside with respect to matters which affect them alone in their territory.
Guided by Elder Allan Adam (Saskatchewan)