Our Goal

Our primary goal is to build capacity in communities which will empower the community by providing the tools necessary to address and recognize the inter-generational trauma.

Furthermore, our goal is to build within this system a process of checks and balances to prevent lateral violence from taking hold. We understand that until there is an understanding of trauma, it will recur. It is important to identify the source of the trauma, accept and address it.

Support Our Communities

Support community healing through developing and delivering an addiction prevention management curriculum training.

Become Leaders

Through growth and education, we aim to become expert leaders in substance abuse training to help provide aid to the people we love.


Promoting healthy sober communities through sponsored activities and online workshops throughout the year.

Come Together

Create an online space for a national conversation on individual and collective trauma and addictions in our communities.


Identifying inter-generational trauma and reducing its influence on indigenous communities through tools from a compassionate inquiry process.


GIFT will establish an accreditation body within the foundation to establish authority and create leaders in their communities.

Humble beginnings

Immense ambitions

Over the summer of 2020 during a global pandemic, a small group of professionals got together over Zoom to discuss offering services to Indigenous communities across Canada. Initially the group got together as a sort of ad hoc group ruminating about a shared traumatic experience to debrief. What made this particular experience interesting is that it occurred while working in an Indigenous educational cultural center. You have to admire the courage it took for them to come forward in an environment that was laden with lateral violence and oppression.


Why this is significant to the initial founding group, is because lateral violence in indigenous communities happens and no one talks about it openly. This group of professionals are attempting to make sense of a senseless episode.

(some of)

OUR People

This is an exciting project, I can already tell that it will be a labor of love that will help countless people!
Angelina Pratt

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OUR Benefactors

These truly special people and some of the companies they work for have helped us work towards achieving our goals. These are the people that help work to make the difference in our communities. Without them, what we do would not be possible.