GIFT Minutes September 15,2023, @ 9AM Zoom
Chairperson  Susana  Deranger

Allan Adam, Angelina Pratt, Destiny Gorman, Denise Callihoo, Dr. Jeannine Carrere, Peetah Bastien, Maurice, Kistabish, Mike Mercredi,

Items discussed Issue Outcome of discussion Responsibility
1.    Opening circle /prayer Maurice Kistabish
2.Masterclass- Peetah Bastien Developing legacy course First 3 sections done. passed Peetah, Sue, Angelina, Jeannine,
3.Youth  Prevention Intervention Project -Angelina Passed despite the best efforts of schools, too many youth fall through the cracks, landing in care or in the justice system. The intention of this project is to catch a much higher proportion of those at-risk youth and children. Mike Mercredi, Angelina The youth will spearhead this project, with critical support being offered by the School staff.
Scholarship Peetah Bastien Need French translation $4000, 1st semester & 2nd. passed Maurice, Kistabish
4.Board Honoria $100 Passed
5. Next Meeting Jan05, 2024  If progress needs reporting

Next Meeting
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